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How Admiral Scales Globally with YugabyteDB on Google Cloud While Maintaining Single-Digit Latency

James Hartig

What if you’re a small company running a SaaS application in the cloud with millions of end users, and you need to scale globally at single-digit latency? Admiral helps online publishers engage with visitors through adblock recovery, paid subscriptions, privacy and consent management, and more. Our dataset is large and complex. The previous NoSQL database couldn’t scale, so we moved to distributed SQL. Our Go application runs in Google Cloud across 5 regions in 3 continents. This geo-distributed architecture is powered by a single YugabyteDB cluster that delivers an average global read latency of 3ms! In this talk, we’ll look at how distributed SQL can be deployed on modern cloud infrastructure to provide a scalable, resilient, low latency, fully consistent data service.

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