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Manual Sharding Sucks

Distributed SQL databases are shaking up the decades-old regime of traditional RDBMS. Why? Because it is time to modernize your database to meet the demands of cloud native applications!

Because you shouldn’t have to manually shard your database to scale or suffer downtime when infrastructure fails.

Database Downtime is Passé Join us at Distributed SQL Summit (DSS) – an open destination for you to discuss, collaborate, share ideas, and learn with your fellow app developers and database practitioners.

Whether you are a developer, database admin, architect, or tech leader, you will have the opportunity to meet peers, expand your knowledge of new technologies, enjoy free hands-on experience with distributed SQL, get certified to boost your career, and more.


DSS Day Amsterdam

Join us at DSS Day Amsterdam on 18 April for an interactive half day session! Focused on distributed SQL, this event is co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe.* We are excited to bring together the Kubernetes community for live distributed SQL discussions and technical workshops with app developers and database practitioners.

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* DSS Day is free to attend and you can register for the event during the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in-person registration process.

On Demand

Global Virtual Event 2022

DSS Global Virtual Event: Previous Featured Speakers

Piyush Jain
Piyush Jain
Software Engineer,
Karthik Ranganathan
Karthik Ranganathan
CTO & Co-Founder,
Ananda Bose
Ananda Bose
Director, Solution Engineering,
Sriram Samu
Sriram Samu
Customer Technology,
Tom Eck
Tom Eck
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation,
Valerie Parham-Thompson
Valerie Parham-Thompson
Principal Solutions Architect,
Anthony Siu
Anthony Siu
Head of Tencent Cloud International Partnerships,
Amitkumar Patel
Amitkumar Patel

Who Should Attend?

DSS is a platform for executives and techies to share use cases, best practices, and real world examples building cloud native applications and driving database modernization with distributed SQL.

Who are you?

  • Cloud native developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • System architects
  • Digital transformation leaders

What will you learn?


  • Start building applications with distributed SQL in minutes
  • Learn best practices of schema design and performance tuning
  • Join hands-on labs and workshops to build awesome apps

DBaaS and DevOps

  • Learn how to deliver a DBaaS efficiently
  • Achieve database resilience and scale with zero downtime
  • Effectively deploy and run distributed SQL DBs in Kubernetes

Technology Leaders:

  • Hear how FTSE 500 companies are tackling database modernization
  • Learn how to future proof your modern data layer
  • Minimize risk during large-scale database modernization efforts

What is Distributed SQL?

Distributed SQL is a revolutionary category of databases for building mission-critical, cloud native applications.

A distributed SQL database is a single logical relational database deployed on a cluster of servers. A distributed SQL database automatically replicates and distributes data across multiple servers. These databases are strongly consistent and support consistency across availability and geographic zones in the cloud.

At a minimum, a distributed SQL database has the following characteristics:

  • A SQL API for accessing and manipulating data and objects
  • Automatic distribution of data across nodes in a cluster
  • Automatic replication of data in a strongly consistent manner
  • Distributed query execution
  • Distributed ACID transactions

Ready to join us?


Insights from business and industry leaders
Fireside Chats
Conversations with executives from major companies who have embraced Distributed SQL
Breakout Sessions
Technical sessions on Distributed SQL
Live Demos
Showcasing YugabyteDB features, tips and tricks, and how-to’s
Hands on Labs
Workshops focused on specific technical subjects and pain points
Distributed SQL Examples
Hear from customers who have achieved business success with Distributed SQL
Distributed SQL

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