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Industry Expert Speakers
In-person and virtual
Sept 14
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Distributed SQL Summit events are hosted by Yugabyte. They bring together the Distributed SQL community, customers, partners, and industry thought leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities of database modernization and transformation. Attendees can choose from a wide range of technical demos, presentations, networking, and live discussions. DSS events take place across the globe, running online through the pandemic, but with in-person events planned later this year in North America and Europe.

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Who Should Attend?

DSS platforms leading technologists and executives who share use cases, best practices, and real world examples of how they achieved database modernization and transformation with Distributed SQL.

Who are you?

  • Application developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • DBAs
  • System architects
  • CTO’s and IT leadership
  • Digital transformation teams
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about Distributed SQL

What will you learn?

Developers and DBAs:

  • Start building applications with Distributed SQL in minutes, with no operational overhead.
  • Learn best practices to migrate a relational application to a Distributed SQL database
  • Learn how to scale resilient microservices globally, while maintaining sub-second latency.
  • Join hands-on labs and workshops to build awesome apps.

DevOps and Software Engineers:

  • Learn how to keep your database live through snowstorms, datacenter fires, network failures, and other outages.
  • Make sure your database can handle for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, product launches and other HA-critical events.
  • Hear how the largest enterprises are efficiently delivering a DBaaS to their developers.
  • Apply best practices to effectively deploy distributed SQL in Kubernetes.

Business Executives:

  • Get the latest insight into emerging data architectures across different industries.
  • Find out how the leaders of FTSE 500 companies are tackling database modernization.
  • Discover how to future proof your data infrastructure with a 100% open source Distributed SQL database.
  • Minimize risk during large-scale database modernization efforts.

What is Distributed SQL?

Distributed SQL is a revolutionary category of databases for building mission-critical, cloud native applications.

Distributed SQL is a single logical relational database deployed on a cluster of servers. A distributed SQL database automatically replicates and distributes data across multiple servers. These databases are strongly consistent and support consistency across availability and geographic zones in the cloud.

At a minimum, a distributed SQL database has the following characteristics:

  • A SQL API for accessing and manipulating data and objects
  • Automatic distribution of data across nodes in a cluster
  • Automatic replication of data in a strongly consistent manner
  • Support for distributed query execution so clients do not need to know about the underlying distribution of data
  • Support for distributed ACID transactions

Ready to join us?


Insights from business and industry leaders
Fireside Chats
Conversations with executives from major companies who have embraced Distributed SQL
Breakout Sessions
Technical sessions on Distributed SQL
Live Demos
Showcasing YugabyteDB features, tips and tricks, and how-to’s
Hands on Labs
Workshops focused on specific technical subjects and pain points
Distributed SQL Examples
Hear from customers who have achieved business success with Distributed SQL

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